KingdomAid, LLC.
KingdomAid builds up, strengthens and equips established organizations to enable them to focus on their mission and goals in a sustainable way.   Our goal is to help your organization to be more efficient and effective.

Our organization is able to come along side and work with existing organizations to offer process consulting and assist with projects from organizing programs, to developing local and global strategy. 

KingdomAid wants to help:
  • Plan and administer projects
  • Assist and strengthen your organization through improved processes
  • Make your processes more efficient and effective
  • Integrate technology for efficiency
  • Improve communication with your board, donors, and employees
  • Assist you in creating processes to see your visions become reality
  • Train local personnel

Case in Point - Helping Jose

Jose is incredibly gifted with orphans and widows in Guatemala.  He brings a smile to their faces instantly and loves them unconditionally.  This is his gift to be used in the world.
He struggled with administration and details, these tasks took much more time in his day than necessary, keeping him away from those whom he enjoys to spend time loving.
KingdomAid helped get Jose with the children, loving them, instead of spending too much time doing administration.  We helped to create efficient processes that Jose could use to save time and frustration allowing his gifts to be aligned with the kingdom. This gave him time to serve those whom he loves to be with—the orphans and widows.